An analysis of the themes and symbols of willow tree and olive

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An analysis of the themes and symbols of willow tree and olive

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Some years ago we set out to characterise a good pool of 29 spice mixes of various origins —some classical ones from different parts of the world, some experimental ones that we ourselves at the lab had created and one that was donated to us from noma.

The outcome of the sensory descriptions from 26 kind food professionals that donated their time and delicate palates to us is described previously in Calibrating Flavour part I. It is very fast to duo, and can be carried out in almost any location that is relatively quiet and without too much sensory distraction such as smells and fragrances.

On the other hand, the results will not be as precise as a traditional descriptive analysis carried out by a trained sensory panel. But for our purpose, to get an overview of the interrelations between a large group of spice mixes, it was precise enough.

The results are extremely useful, and were created with a very small financial burden to us. But there was much more to this audacious adventure. The purpose of this was to study and visualise information of very different origins, but all characterising the same 29 spice mixes.

There are 4 types of information that we can link: The sensory map Map — Using projective mapping to characterize the samples. These measurements are collected in a matrix of dimension 29 rows x 52 columns 26 evaluators x 2 coordinate axes.

Sensory descriptors Words - In addition to the positions from the projective mapping, there are also a number of words that the sensory respondents the food professionals have attached to the spice mixes.

After some textual analysis of the original set of words totalling different wordsthis set of data consists of a matrix with 29 rows and columns — different and relevant words that escribe the sensations of the spice mixes. Aroma profiling Odour chemicals - Through headspace sampling, GC-MS analysis was used to obtain an aroma profile for each spice mix.

The aroma profile consisted of the relative integrated peak area relative concentration of different odorous compounds. Some of the compounds have available sensory descriptors, collected in a smaller matrix 29 x 25 named Odour descriptors.

Meta-data — name Recipeexpressed solely as the fraction of each ingredient, the cultural identity or origin geographical place or producer and the base oil, aqueous, dry, fermented and dairy. A matrix of 29 x 99 variables. The data blocks are presented in figure 1.

Overview of all data blocks available By developing new visualization approaches and using tools from data fusion, we analysed, visualised, and explored these complex data structures.

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We used these tools to investigate the fundamental differences and commonalities in the set of spice mixes. It is a work of very interdisciplinary nature, requiring data analysists, flavour chemists, food professionals and sensory scientists. The process was a feast for geeks, with wild and imaginative discussions, bouncing ideas and swimming in the data.

However, the harsh realities hid us hard when submitting the manuscript to scientific journals. Because of the interdisciplinary nature, it was difficult for others to appreciate all aspects of the work, and we had it turned down from four different journals.

Finally we had to realise that the ideas and results we presented to the scientific community would not be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. With this blog post we present you the idea and the concept, and the opportunity to delve deeply into our investigation by reading the full manuscript herewhere all details about the chemical and data analytical procedures are available, and the results are discussed in details.

In addition, we find that the data are of a unique character. Thus we give access to the data, so that others may use them for further scrutiny. The data can be found here. Excerpts of results The projective mapping and the aroma profiling by GC-MS provide two complementary means to quantify the differences between spice mixes, and can be used to perform a combined analysis that shows to what extent sensory results are already contained in the aroma analysis and vice versa.

PCA extracts the most important variance in the data, component by component. It allows focus on the most important part of the variance, in the analysis of the patterns of samples and the variables that describe them.Word of the Year.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

An analysis of the themes and symbols of willow tree and olive

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Willow Poem - It is a willow when summer is over,a willow by the riverfrom which no leaf has fallen norbitten by the sunturned orange or leaves cling and grow paler,swing and grow palerover the swirling waters of the riveras if loath to let go,they are so cool, so drunk withthe swirl of the wind and of the river—oblivious to winter,the last to let go and fallinto the water and on.

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The meaning of a willow tree shifts from author to author, but it's always an important symbol or representation in literature and mythology.

Willows as Power Symbols Water is a part of most creation legends -- and the mythic creatures that are central to them -- so it's not surprising to find mythological references to willow associated with.

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