Bts how tower works

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Bts how tower works

It is a complex radio, but still a radio. In order to really understand the way a cell phone works, we must discuss some of the cell phones history for just a moment.

Back around the early s', mobile-radio-phones were about as common as cruise control in post- World War II cars. In select urban areas, there were large, central antennas that were specifically allocated for these radio-phones.

Bts how tower works

Each car that had a radio-phone required a big antenna that could transmit at least 40 or 50 miles. Since radio technology itself was only in the building phase, only about 25 channels were available for private use.

So basically only 25 people could be talking on their radio-phones at the same time. The solution to this problem was to divide each city up into small divisions, or "cells". The technology behind cells have changed dramatically over the years, just as cell phones have, but now most standard cells are about 10 square miles large.

They are usually in the shape of a hexagon. Nowadays, every individual cell has its own base station, rather than only one for an entire city. And now cell phones are made to be low-power transmitters either 0. This means that the same frequency can be used in the same city, at the same time, but in different cells.

It is essentially a the areas which is divided into cellsservices and connected to each other by collection of transceivers, controllers, switches, routers, and registers. Some of the main components and how it works is provided below ; Mobile Equipment ME — This refers to the physical phone itself.

The phone must be able to operate on a cellular network. Older phones operated on a single band only. Newer phones are dual-band, triple-band, and even quad-band capable. A quad-band phone has the technical capability to operate on any network worldwide.

This number is burned into the phone by the manufacturer.

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The IMEI can usually be found by removing the battery of the phone and reading the panel in the battery well. It is responsible for carrying out radio communications between the network and the Mobile Phone.

One BTS usually covers a single degree sector of an area. Usually a tower with 3 BTSs will accommodate all degrees around the tower. However, depending on geography and user demand of an area, a cell may be divided up into one or two sectors, or a cell may be serviced by several BTSs with redundant sector coverage.1 Global System for Mobile Communications The GSM standard (Global System for Mobile Communications) for mobile telephony was introduced in the mids and is the European initiative for creating a new cellular radio interface.

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frequencies,andsqueezefarmorecustomers inthesamespectrum. Wirelesscarriershavetakenthereduceand reuseapproachastepfurtherwiththeuseof directionalantennas. The exterior of Vancouver's Trump Tower is seen late Friday night, July 13, Base Transceiver Station (BTS) – It is actually the antenna that you see installed on top of the tower.

The BTS is the Mobile Phone’s access point to the network. It is responsible for carrying out radio communications between the network and the Mobile Phone.

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