Essay on the mobile phone revolution

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Essay on the mobile phone revolution

Mobiles are no more a luxury or a life style product. Mobile phones, which were one of the beautiful possessions of anybody not until a decade ago, have now become a necessity to the common man. Many new competitors have entered the mobile market resulting in reduction of the STD rates and Local call rates.

An Essay on Mobile Phones for Kids and Students

Plans are also on anvil to enable mobile users to switch over to other service providers without changing their number, also called Mobile Number Portability MNP. The mobile users in India have increased tremendously during the last decade.

Youth, both in rural and urban India, have welcomed and accepted mobiles with open hands. The decrease in call rates can be imagined from the fact that it cost around?

Even the size of mobile phones has changed to an unimaginable level. They have become very handy today compared to their walkie-talkie resemblance when they were introduced. The immense benefit offered by a mobile has triggered this revolution. With a mobile phone in hand, one can be available round the clock, and can get the up-to-date information on anything.

The availability of internet on mobile phones has increased its utility tremendously. It has made mobile phones, to an extent, an essential item for carrying out a business transaction.

The facility of sending short messages or pictures enables a person to send the message across without actually bothering to disturb the other person.

Essay on the mobile phone revolution

For traders, it helps them get the price details of any products without even bringing the products to the market. The introduction of mobile banking helps people carry their bank in their mobile.

Some people even carry their office in their mobile phones.

Essay on the mobile phone revolution

However, mobile phones also have some demerits as they can be used to detonate bombs. Some instruments which have cameras in them can be used for taking unnecessary photographs. Constant use of mobile phones may create health problems and increase risk of accidents on road.

In spite of these demerits, mobile phones are becoming popular day-by-day as their advantages fairly outweigh the demerits. In fact, the mobile revolution has occurred very fast in India.

The mobile phone service providers have also increased manifold during the years. Some of the important market players are: Even in rural India, mobile phone has brought a tremendous change to rural telephony, marginalizing the middlemen and empowering women, strengthened by the formation of self-help groups.

It has vastly improved access to information and helped in the explosive growth in connectivity. Even at sea, fishermen in Kerala use the mobiles to keep track of rates for their catch in the market. The improvement in infrastructure and support from the Government has acted as a catalyst for mobiles to make tremendous inroads into rural India.

The role of mobile telephones are varied, in that, they help assess the market information, coordinate travel and transport, manage remote activities and increase the remunerative working days.

We check our phones times a day—an average of every minutes—according to a UK study. This number actually may be too low, since people tend to underestimate their own mobile usage. In a Gallup survey, 61 percent of people said they checked their phones less frequently than others they knew. Our transformation into device people has happened with unprecedented suddenness. An Essay on Mobile Phones for Kids and Students Mobile phone is a good technology which is not lacking from our lives. This report will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.A mobile phone is a very small portable radio mobile phone can be used to communicate over long distances without wires. The Cell Phone Revolution Essay Sample Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the world has become a smaller place. The time used to travel to far distances has diminished; with the growth of new technologies, traveling and communicating have become simple daily tasks for many people.

As a result, the rural marketing scenario has also undergone a change. Today, the rural consumer is better informed and price conscious. Some of these companies are using a door-to-door marketing strategy in villages and B and C category census towns. They are involving members of gram panchayats and trained market-feelers to make residents aware of the usefulness of mobile telephony and how the system of pre-paid refills work.

Handset manufacturers too are gearing up with Nokia incorporating nine Indian languages on certain handsets to promote sales. Value-for- money handsets priced between 1, and 1, with a plethora of tariff plans to choose from is also one of the reasons for driving subscription growth in these regions.An Essay on Mobile Phones for Kids and Students Mobile phone is a good technology which is not lacking from our lives.

This report will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.A mobile phone is a very small portable radio mobile phone can be used to communicate over long distances without wires.

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Why cell phone is a Boon?

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By March the total number of cell phone users in India exceeded 3 crores. Experts call it a mobile revolution. People from all walks of life, of all ages use them. They carry it in their hands, pockets or purses. One can find advertisements related to cell phones anywhere: roads, newspapers, and television/5(1).

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