Hazardous materials business plan fresno county eoc

Qualifications Statement VPC is a land use planning firm emphasizing community planning, economic development and environmental studies. During this time VPC has continued to provide local government with contract planning and administrative services that solve problems for the economic benefit of the community. Proponents of both large and small projects must often negotiate with several different local jurisdictions; as well as state, and federal agencies.

Hazardous materials business plan fresno county eoc

Tree Fresno will prepare community landscape plans in disadvantaged communities to optimize the tree canopy and research the mitigation of near-road air pollution with trees on State Route The Community Landscape Plan meets the grant-specific objectives that include sustainability to reduce GHG emissions, preservation, mobility and safety.

There is a set-aside of at least 10 percent for rural projects. The program provides support for capital projects that replace, rehabilitate, purchase, or lease buses and related equipment, as well as capital projects to rehabilitate, purchase, construct, or lease bus-related facilities.

FTA will prioritize projects based on how they address significant repair or maintenance needs, improve the safety of transit systems, and deploy connective projects, including advanced technologies to connect bus systems with other networks. The application deadline is Monday, August 6, The Policy Board may provide further direction at its discretion.

The federal fiscal year FFY ends on September 30, District staff will continue to work on requests submitted after this date on a first-come-first-served basis, but authorization approval before October 1,will no longer be guaranteed. Agency staff unable to submit FTA transfer requests by the deadline should contact the Local Assistance engineer directly.

It is imperative that projects programmed within FFY be obligated to avoid redistribution. Obligating funds programmed in later years can help the Fresno County region get closer to its target. Project delivery beyond the OA target makes the region eligible to capture any available funds during the statewide open obligation period.

Keep in mind that toll credits may be applicable for project phases that have not been obligated at percent federal reimbursement if residual federal funds are available. Furthermore, hazardous materials business plan fresno county eoc funds need to be reprogrammed and financial capacity is not available, projects can become substantially delayed if moved to the FTIP's outer years.

Fresno COG will continue working with each of its member agencies to ensure that projects in are obligated on time. Contact Jennifer Soliz at ext. The Policy Board may provide additional direction at its discretion. Public comments are welcomed at the hearing or may be submitted in writing by 5: The local agencies that have jurisdiction over land uses within the areas covered by this plan include Fresno County and the Cities of Coalinga, Firebaugh, Fresno, Mendota, Reedley and Selma.

The plan is prepared in accordance with the California State Aeronautics Act. Individuals with disabilities may call Fresno COG with three-working-day advance notice to request auxiliary aids necessary to participate in the public hearing.

Translation services are also available with three-working-day advanced notice to participants speaking any language, by available professional translation services.

hazardous materials business plan fresno county eoc

Administered by California's Strategic Growth Council, the Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities AHSC program provides funding for affordable housing developments new construction or renovation and transportation infrastructure.

This may include sustainable transportation infrastructure, such as new transit vehicles, sidewalks, and bike lanes; transportation-related amenities, such as bus shelters, benches, or shade trees; and other programs that encourage residents to walk, bike, and use public transit. The final application and notice of funding availability are expected to be released in October of this year, with applications due in February of Agencies with potential applications, or those interested in learning more about the program, are encouraged to reach out to Fresno COG staff, who can help connect applicants to technical assistance and other resources.

Extra Work Request Summary: During a series of public meetings in Fowler during April and May, several public comments expressed concern about this shift. Many businesses on 8th Street were adamantly against this original design.

The Mark Thomas extra work request is attached to this item. For the last three years, COG staff has researched options to move the Measure C Senior Taxi Scrip Program from paper scrip to a digital currency while also incorporating transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft.

GoGoGrandparent provides a phone service that connects older adults without smartphones to Uber or Lyft rides. By calling a central hotline number, users can request and pay for rides without using a ride app or needing a smart phone.

GoGoGrandparent has been in business for three years with service everywhere there are Lyft and or Uber drivers. A company brochure is attached. In a recent comparison of trip prices, staff found that Uber and Lyft's prices are one-half to one-third of the cost of current taxicab fares in Fresno, providing an additional incentive to coordinate services for senior participants.

After monitoring GoGoGrandparent's services and progress, staff approached the company regarding a partnership opportunity with the Measure C Senior Taxi Scrip program. GoGoGrandparent agreed to allow Taxi Scrip participants to use their monthly scrip value to access rides with Uber and Lyft using the GoGoGrandparent service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staff developed a robust and extensive outreach program to engage the public that included 15 community workshops, 20 informational booths at community events and 11 presentations to organizations to determine a preference of SCS scenarios.

All outreach information was made available online and in both English and Spanish. An ambitious sustainability plan with significant advancements over the status quo i. A revised conformity analysis was recirculated for 30 days on May All the final documents are available on Fresno COG's website.

The FTIP is a near-term listing of capital improvement and operational expenditures using federal and state monies for transportation projects in Fresno County during the next four years https:County, near the community of Clovis, about 15 miles northeast of Fresno (Figure ).

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The dam and reservoir also span smaller drainages immediately to the north of Dry Creek. Hazardous Materials Response Unit: In June , Council approved receiving the first State of California Hazardous Materials Response Unit from the Office of Emergency Services (OES) on behalf of the Yuba Sutter Hazardous Materials Response Team (YSHMRT).

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Hazardous Materials Business Plan Program Program Shortcuts: The purpose of this program is to protect the public health and safety and the environment by establishing business and area plans relating to the handling and release or threatened release of hazardous materials.

The Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) Program is one program element within the Fresno County. The HMBP Program is administered throughout the County and its incorporated cities.

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