How to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

The minor post exilic prophets Subj: Biblical prophesy following the exile of the Hebrews from Babylon Title:

How to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

Luther's second commentary on Zechariah was written one year after his first but still had minimal explanation of Zechariah For I am not sure what the prophet is talking about.

In fact someone has written that there are at least seven different interpretations of Zechariah 14! Of course, there is only one correct interpretation. In other words from Zechariah If there is no literal, geographic nation of Israel in need of redemption, then there is no need for the Redeemer to return and stand on the Mount of Olives which is in front of Jerusalem on the east.

So shun this genre of false teaching that is sadly spreading like leaven in the modern church which has only a very limited understanding of or interest in Bible prophecy I have literally heard young church leaders say things like "It's too divisive," "It's too difficult to understand," "There are too many interpretations, so how can anyone know which is correct," etc, etc.

And some add why study prophecy?

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It's not practical for daily Christian living? How can anyone dispute God's eternal lovingkindness for the nation of Israel, when He sovereignly, omnipotently brings the nation back into existence in May, read of this miracleagainst all odds, and accomplishing a miracle that is unparalleled in the history of the world!

So why would we doubt that the God of Truth and Power would not perfectly fulfill the last portion of His predictive prophecy literally packed with as yet unfulfilled promises for His Chosen People and the nation of Israel!


As alluded to above, it is a sad day in evangelicalism when many in the evangelical church choose to believe that God is finished with the nation of Israel, and the OT promises given to Israel have now passed on to the Church.

And despite the fact that the 76 of 77 uses of the term "Israel" in the New Testament clearly refer to the literal nation of Israel, those who espouse replacement theology teach that Paul's phrase " Israel of God " in Galatians 6: It goes without saying that supersesssionists have considerable difficulty in attempting to interpret predictive passages like Zechariah which even in the first verse written by a Jewish prophet, to the Jewish nation clearly states "The burden of the word of the LORD concerning Israel" not "spiritual Israel" but literal Israel!

But in the first section the burden is laid upon Hadrach, a gentile nation, while in the second section the burden is laid upon Israel. This points to the chief difference between the two oracles.

how to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

This will plunge the nation into a time of severe testing, described by Jeremiah At the last minute, just before Israel is annihilated, God will supernaturally rout the enemy and deliver His people.

Our text describes the physical deliverance of Israel in Zechariah The great military victory that God will achieve for His helpless people illustrates the great spiritual salvation that He also brings.

Both sections emphasize the truth that God is mighty to save His people according to His purpose. For example, the older work, the Pulpit Commentary has a comment on Zechariah The immediate context Zech It is NOT against the Church, who will not be present during the horrible events in these last days leading up to the Return of the Messiah, days which John describes in detail in Revelationwhere he makes not a single mention of the Church!

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If you keep these thoughts in mind, you will be less likely to be confused by the incredible events described in Zechariah that has been called "The Little Apocalypse of Zechariah. But just as surely as that one prophecy has been fulfilled, rest assured that all of the predictive prophesies in Zechariah will come to pass just as they are written for "God, Who cannot lie, promised long ages ago.

The word massa, as we have seen, when dealing with Zechariah 9: But though it will be a time of unspeakable anguish for Israel, the climax of all their sufferings and tribulations through all the centuries since the commencement of "the times of the Gentiles," they "shall be saved out of it.Luther's second commentary on Zechariah was written one year after his first but still had minimal explanation of Zechariah In fact in the second commentary Luther wrote these words regarding Zechariah 14 " Here, in this chapter, I give up.

The *Jews that lived in Egypt about *B.C. made a translation of the *Old Testament into *Greek. Zechariah in the *Greek Bible has ‘the devil’ for ‘the *satan’ and ‘Jesus’ for ‘Joshua’. Joshua is one *Hebrew form of the English word Jesus.

Zechariah was not writing about the devil and Jesus Christ. English Language-'The War on Emo' commentary 'The War on Emo' piece was written for an English Language AS CourseworkHow to write a good commentary for english coursework How to write a good commentary for english coursework popular college dissertation abstract assistance best dissertation methodology writers websites for school how How to.

how to write an english coursework commentary on zechariah

EXPOSITORY (ENGLISH BIBLE) Benson Commentary. Zechariah I lifted up mine eyes, &c., and behold a man — An angel in the form of a man, probably representing Nehemiah, under whose direction the wall was rebuilt, according to the ancient line marked out by the ruins.

See Nehemiah 3., &c, &c. Then Jehovah answered me, and said, Write. E.g - 'In my travel writing I have employed parenthesis '(Greek tomatoes are a must if you travel here)'.

This informal aside directly addresses the reader helping them to feel involved in the text.' Its really important to comment on your sentence types as well, e.g multi-clausal, simple, compound etc. Aug 10,  · as level Commentary writing LEARN LAUGH SO ON. WRITING COMMENTARY - Duration: TakingTheBiz 39, views.

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