Life is beautiful more than what meets the eye

However since it has been a while since my last Austenite post not counting the Halloween oneI thought it would be better to do a list of my favorite Austen military men. So here we go. He is a very nice and funny man. He is in the military as he is the second son, and therefore forced to work as he will not inherit.

Life is beautiful more than what meets the eye

As I crammed into the packed seats next to my sisters, we were all a little anxious about this guy, Mark Sterner, because we had heard he was a very intense speaker. And we were right. After engaging us with humorous questions about our collegelike alcohol habits, Sterner dropped the ball on us.

This set the depressing tone that increased as the presentation continued. He showed us an authentic home movie that captured Sterner's nights of partying with his fraternity brothers. The movie was funny, and yet so sad at the same time because we knew three of the five guys we saw in the film were dead.

There was even footage taken in the car in which one of the guys driving reached miles per hour on a 35 miles per hour road. This made me extremely nervous, and I flinched as if I were about to see them wreck. The movie didn't show any part of the accident. It was intended to be a record of all of their goofy fun.

But the goofy fun was quickly sobered up when actual photos of their wrecked car, or should I say what's left of a car, appeared on the screen. Sterner was the driver, and he was selected as the "least drunk" of the five guys. Going almost double the speed limit, Sterner ran off of the road, throwing all five of the guys out of the car.


Sterner was tossed into a tree and almost bled to death. It was a miracle he survived, and he was on life support for a couple of weeks before he recovered. He awoke from a coma and found out he had killed his three friends - his fraternity brothers - who died instantly in the wreck.

Sterner awoke to find police waiting on him, and instantly read him his rights. Sterner's mug shot is a picture of him on the day he awoke from the coma. Instead of celebrating his recovery, Sterner was sentenced to 3 years in a Maximum Security Prison in Florida. The law considered three death convictions to require a maximum sentence.

Sterner faced three years in a penitentiary in which he was scared for his life every single day.

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But he willingly admitted that no matter how much of a hell his life was there, he would spend the rest of his life behind bars if would bring his friends back. Greek students were silent, crying, and uncomfortable. But it definitely made an impact on them, myself included.

I was actually afraid to drive me and my sisters home that night, even if it wasn't even a mile away.

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I worried that people would have bad judgment, and I worried that I was endangering my friends. I can honestly say that any time I ever hear the words "drunk" and "driving" together again, I will think if Sterner and I will become terrified. But I think that's what he intended.

Hopefully I'm not the only one. This program was sponsored by many organizations, but Greek Life played a large role in the planning of it. It was surprising to see how many Greek students came the this presentation, but it was a pleasant surprise. Greeks tend to be a higher risk with alcohol issues, but at least Greek Life and Greeks in general are interested in supporting alcohol awareness.

Life is beautiful more than what meets the eye

That goes to show you that not all Greeks drink, and even the ones that do, never would want to be a part of an alcohol induced tragedy. Greek Life is currently trying to plan more events similar to this to promote more alcohol awareness in hopes the turnout will be the same.As a little girl I always felt there was more to life than meets the eye, and this feeling popped up every so often in my life.

For example, I enjoyed playing in the garden on my own as it felt like I was never on my own, and I had felt there were things under my bed and in my cupboards at home that.

Aug 03,  · Could there be more to life than what meets the eye? More questions.

Graham Farmelo reviews Seven Deadly Colours by Andrew Parker.

How do you explain this, "There is actually more to life than meets the eye?"? Is it possible to be an atheist and believe there is more Status: Resolved.

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We will add to the list in. Your body contains upward of trillion cells. You are like a galaxy of stars, as beautiful, mysterious, and complex. More Than Meets the Eye. 09 Apr. The world flourishes with tiny lives that are an integral part of the complex system of life. In the universe, there are billions of galaxies.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has somewhere.

Life is beautiful more than what meets the eye
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