Lowercase letter writing assessment

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Lowercase letter writing assessment

Display an array of upper and lowercase letter magnets on the board. Wait for student response. Direct conversation to the differences between upper and lowercase alphabet letters.

Have the students sort the magnets into 2 categories with teacher guidance. Upper and Lower Case Introduce the story: You are going to notice on each page there is a letter of the alphabet.

lowercase letter writing assessment

What do you notice about this letter? Invlove the students in a conversation on how capital letters begin a name and are at the beginning of a sentence. Do you see how your name begins with a capital letter like the characters in the story?

You are special, so you get a capital letter at the beginning of your name! While I read this story be a capital letter detective.

See if you can find the capital letters on each page. Read the story Teacher: Today we are going to create a name puzzle! You get to make your own puzzle out of the letters of your name.

Watch me write my name on the puzzle sheet. Can you find the capital letter in my name? The capital letter is the first letter of my name! Now watch as I cut on the lines to make the pieces of my puzzle. Display pieces in a pocket chart.

I am going to mix the pieces letters. To win, I have to put the letters in order to spell my name. What letter would come first? Who can find the capital letter that my name begins with?

Continue modeling until you have correctly completed the name puzzle. Model to students how they can use their name displayed in the room as a guide to help them put their puzzle pieces in the correct order. Write student names on individual sentence strips so you have 2 copies.

Alphabet Letter Recognition Assessment

Make one to cut, and one to use as a model. Keep the pieces in an envelope labeled with the student name. See example under material resources.e j s r v k w i q c p o b l d h x t u m y n z g a Lowercase Alphabet Assessment Name: _____ Date:_____ Author: Cindy Downes Created Date: 2/2/ AM. I can write my lowercase letters.

name:_____ letter a letter b letter c letter d letter e letter f letter g letter h letter o letter p letter q letter r letter s letter t letter u letter v letter w letter x letter y letter z lowercase letter assessment sheet timberdesignmag.com Created Date.

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lowercase letter writing assessment

Letter identification instruction includes teaching the name, characteristics, and formation of the 26 uppercase and lowercase letter symbols used in the English language. Say goodbye to boring writing practise with this colorful uppercase letters worksheet.

It may look like just another worksheet on the surface, but there's a twist: Kids trace each letter multiple times in different colors to create rainbow letters!

Alphabet Letter Naming.

Alphabet Flash Cards – Uppercase and Lowercase

Determine students' abilities to name uppercase and lowercase letters using our Alphabet Letter Naming assessments. Three forms assess recognition of uppercase and lowercase letters.

The fourth is a matching exercise in which children match uppercase letters with lowercase letters.

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