Pamphlet presentation for public health

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Pamphlet presentation for public health

Williams introduces it with the remark p. Patterson firmly believes also, from what he has heard of the Mormon Bible, that it is the same thing he examined at that time. Williams, Howe, and Hurlbut are still living March 4, A coincidence may here be noted: Howe, inhad in his possession a story in Spaulding's handwriting, and admitted to be his, which "purported to have been translated from the Latin, found on twenty-four rolls of parchment in a cave on the banks of Conneaut Creek," giving an account of a ship driven upon the American coast, with a party from Rome, previous to the Christian era.

The Book of Ether, which is a portion of the Book of Mormon, purports to relate the history of a party which commenced its wanderings at the confusion of tongues at Babel, found its way to America, and whose history, written by Ether upon twenty-four plates whilst he was concealed in the cavity of a rock, was long afterwards discovered by the people of Limhi.

Here is a threefold resemblance: That two plots so much alike should originate so nearly about the same time and place in two different minds seems incredible. The statement which follows is accorded a place here not because it is entitled in its present form to be regarded as evidence, but that attention may be attracted to it and inquiry continued.

In " Appleton's Cyclopaedia ," under the title "Mormons," occurs the following statement: Any reader of this paragraph who has access to a file of Pittsburgh newspapers of will do well to institute a search and report the result. It should be remembered that the evidence adduced above has reference only to the historical portions of the Book of Mormon.

Intermingled with these are crude ideas on various theological points that were themes of popular discussion in Western New York about the time when this pseudo-revelation was in preparation for the press. The opportunity of settling. For all such interpolations, and for the constant disregard of grammatical rules, Mr.

Spaulding should not be held responsible. The candid inquirer after truth cannot fail to be impressed by the concurrent testimony of a dozen witnesses, many of them personally unknown to the others and widely separated from them, yet agreeing in their recollections of Spaulding's romance, its plan and purpose, its general scope, the names of leading characters and tribes, its grand division of the population of this continent into two clases, the righteous and the idolatrous, and the discovery of the history of these people as recorded, and the record concealed in the earth.

The same witnesses concur in recognizing precisely the same features in the "Book of Mormon," -- an identity in the names of prominent persons and places; an identity in the amaeing frequeccy of wars and the vast number of sanguinary battles; an identity in events and the order of their occurences so great that one witness declares that the "Book of Mormon was familiar to him before he read it;" an identity of style, even the blemishes of the original being faithfully adhered to in the transcript; an identity in the alleged discovery of the record in the earth.

All of this is established by the united testimony of men and women of unimpeachable veracity.


Much of this evidence was published within five years after the appearance of the "Book of Mormon," must necessarily have been known to the Mormon leaders, and was never contradicted by them. The conclusion is irresistible that these two productions must have had a common origin.

The adherents of Joseph Smith have never claimed that the "Book of Mormon" was the offspring of his imagination.

They freely admit that he was too illiterate and ignorant to accomplish such a task.

Pamphlet presentation for public health

They contend that the "Book of Mormon" was divinely inspired, as truly so as the Bible itself. The question is thus narrowed down to a very simple alternative: How was the plagiarism effected?

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