Short note on indira gandhi

Big guns free; lower rank officers, constabulary face music - By RK Misra Nov 19,Counterview Ghosts from the past have an uncanny way of turning up in the present with immense potential to blight the future of the most powerful. The deposition of Azam Khan, an Udaipur based small time gangster before the CBI court has brought to life the most speculated and worst-kept secret of the time - that the murder of the up and coming Gujarat BJP leader was a political extermination at the behest of some of the most powerful in the land of the Mahatma. The revelation about Pandya's killings surfaced in the course of the proceedings in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh alleged fake killing case inin which Vanzara was an accused with the then minister of state for home Amit Shah, and IPS officers Raj Kumar Pandiyan and Dinesh MN.

Short note on indira gandhi

It was during her interview that Rabindranath Tagore named her Priyadarshini, and she came to be known as Indira Priyadarshini Nehru. She had to make repeated trips to Switzerland to recover, disrupting her studies.

She was being treated there inwhen the German armies rapidly conquered Europe. Gandhi tried to return to England through Portugal but was left stranded for nearly two months. She managed to enter England in earlyand from there returned to India without completing her studies at Oxford.

The university later awarded her an honorary degree. InOxford further honoured her by selecting her as one of the ten Oxasians, illustrious Asian Short note on indira gandhi from the University of Oxford. In the s, Indira, now Mrs Indira Gandhi after her marriage, served her father unofficially as a personal assistant during his tenure as the first Prime Minister of India.

In that capacity, she was instrumental in getting the Communist led Kerala State Government dismissed in Congress party veteran K. Congress President Kamaraj orchestrated Mrs.

At the end of this term inshe was such a dominating figure in Indian politics that a Congress party president had coined the phrase "India is Indira and Indira is India. At the beginning of her first term as prime minister, Indira was widely criticized by the media and the opposition as a "Goongi goodiya" Hindi word for a dumb doll or puppet of the Congress party bosses who had got her elected and tried to constrain her.

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The Congress Party won a reduced majority for the Lok sabha in these elections owing to widespread disenchantment over rising prices of commodities, unemployment, economic stagnation and a food crisis.

Indira Gandhi had started on a rocky note after agreeing to a devaluation of the rupeewhich created much hardship for Indian businesses and consumers, and the import of wheat from the United States fell through due to political disputes.

Following the elections, Indira Gandhi gradually started moving towards socialist policies. Inshe fell out with senior Congress party leaders on a number of issues.

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Chief among them was the decision by Indira to support V. Girithe independent candidate rather than the official Congress party candidate Neelam Sanjiva Reddy for the vacant position of President of India.

The other was the announcement by the prime minister of Bank nationalization without consulting the finance minister, Morarji Desai. These steps culminated in Party president S.

Nijalingappa expelling her from the party for indiscipline. The Indira faction, called Congress Rlost its majority in the parliament but remained in power with the support of regional parties such as DMK. On the other hand, the combined opposition alliance had a two word manifesto of "Indira Hatao" Remove Indira.

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This would allow her to bypass the dominant rural castes both in and of state and local governments; likewise the urban commercial class. And, for their part, the previously voiceless poor would at last gain both political worth and political weight[ citation needed ].

The programs created through Garibi Hataothough carried out locally, were funded and developed by the Central Government in New Delhi.

The program was supervised and staffed by the Indian National Congress party. Some of these were due to high inflation which was in turn caused by war time expenses, drought in some parts of the country and more importantly, the oil crisis.

Short note on indira gandhi

The opposition to Gandhi in —75 period, after the Indira wave had receded, was strongest in the states of Bihar and Gujarat. In Bihar, Jayaprakash Narayanthe veteran leader came out of retirement to lead the protest movement there.Seers assure Muslims, offer shelter in temples (Nov 18, , Times of India) Reacting to reports of Muslims of Ayodhya feeling unsafe due to gathering of VHP activists for Dharm Sabha on November 25, the seers and temple mahants have assured support and security to Muslims and said that Muslims can take shelter in temples if they feel any insecurity.

A short biography of Indira Gandhi. by · Published · Updated. Share Tweet. She is considered one of the great Prime Ministers in the world. She is an Indian. She is Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi.

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She was born on November 19, to the First Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru and Kamala Nehru. Nehru was a key player.


Indira Gandhi was born as Indira Nehru in a Kashmiri Pandit family on 19 November, in Allahabad. Her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, was a leading figure in India's political struggle for independence from British rule, and became the first Prime Minister of the Dominion (and later Republic) of India.

She was the only child (a younger brother was born, but died young), and grew up with her Prime Minister: Lal Bahadur Shastri. List of top and best courses after, Short term, after, pg, diploma courses after, job oriented graduation courses in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai.

However, Indira was the daughter of another prominent politicalleader of 20th century India, Jawaharlal Nehru (), thefirst prime minister of India and a protege of Mohandas Gandhi Mahatma.

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