The life and controversies of louis riel

His mother suffered from schizophrenia[4] and died in [5] after falling down the stairs while in the Montreal General Hospital.

The life and controversies of louis riel

Riel was the eldest of eleven children in a locally well-respected family. The Riels were noted for their devout Catholicism and strong family ties. For a time he continued his studies as a day student in the convent of the Grey Nunsbut was soon asked to leave following breaches of discipline.

He remained in Montreal over a year, living at the home of his aunt, Lucie Riel. Impoverished by the death of his father, Riel took employment as a law clerk in the Montreal office of Rodolphe Laflamme.

Compounding this disappointment, Riel found legal work unpleasant, and by early he had resolved to leave Canada East. Upon his return, Riel found that religious, nationalistic, and racial tensions were exacerbated by an influx of Anglophone Protestant settlers from Ontario.

Nevertheless, the non-bilingual McDougall was appointed the lieutenant governor -designate, and attempted to enter the settlement on 2 November. Schultz, however, attracted approximately fifty recruits and fortified his house and store. On 7 February, a new list of rights was presented to the Ottawa delegation, and Smith and Riel agreed to send representatives to Ottawa to engage in direct negotiations on that basis.

However, they suffered a setback on 17 February, when forty-eight men, including Boulton and Thomas Scottwere arrested near Fort Garry. After Scott repeatedly quarreled with his guards, they insisted that he be tried for insubordination. At his court martial he was found guilty and was sentenced to death.

Riel was repeatedly entreated to commute the sentence, but Riel responded, "I have done three good things since I have commenced: Protestant Canada did take notice, swore revenge, and set up a " Canada First " movement to mobilize their anger.

However, the negotiators could not secure a general amnesty for the provisional government. As a means of exercising Canadian authority in the settlement and dissuading American expansionistsa Canadian military expedition under Colonel Garnet Wolseley was dispatched to the Red River.

The arrival of the expedition on 20 August marked the effective end of the Red River Rebellion. Intervening years Amnesty question It was not until 2 September that the new lieutenant-governor Adams George Archibald arrived and set about the establishment of civil government.

However the results of the first provincial election in December were promising for Riel, as many of his supporters came to power. Nevertheless, stress and financial troubles precipitated a serious illness—perhaps a harbinger of his future mental afflictions—that prevented his return to Manitoba until May Companies of armed horsemen were raised, including one led by Riel.

When Archibald reviewed the troops in St. This was not to be—when this news reached Ontario, Mair and members of the Canada First movement whipped up anti-Riel and anti-Archibald sentiment.

With Federal elections coming inMacdonald could ill afford further rift in Quebec—Ontario relations and so he did not offer an amnesty. In the ensuing by-election in OctoberRiel ran unopposed as an Independent, although he had again fled, a warrant having been issued for his arrest in September.Bibliography of Research on Social Network Sites.

Aaltonen, S,, Kakderi, C,, Hausmann, V, and Heinze, A. (). Social media in Europe: Lessons from an online survey. Obviously, the vast majority of complaints received by LERA do not proceed to a hearing.

The life and controversies of louis riel

Between and , only % of all files which were opened were ultimately heard by . - Riel A Summary of Man Author: J. A. W. The Canadian hero Louis Riel shows mankind that life is fraught with controversies and battle with establishment.

Moreover, establishment is the very ruin of Mankind. Riel's live was in more ways parallel to the human life cycle than one would guess.

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- Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. Mar 26,  · Louis Riel testifies at his trialPrime minister Sir John A. Macdonald ordered the trial to be convened in Regina, where Riel was tried before a jury of six English and Scottish Protestants, all from the area surrounding Resolved.

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