The red pony book report

He kicked dirt over the ruined melon to conceal it. The pony means more responsibility for Jody, but he leaps to the challenge, eager to please his father and keep the pony for himself. Jody names the pony Galiban, after the nearby Galiban mountain range. Soon Jody is getting up early to do his chores and making sure that Galiban is kept curried and in good condition.

The red pony book report

The Red Pony is a collection of four short stories about a year-old boy named Jody and his life on a ranch with his family.

The red pony book report

As time moves forward and he This book was featured on Shabby Sunday https: As time moves forward and he matures, Jody is exposed to multiple events and learns many lessons on what it means to be a man. Much of what he learns comes from his father and the farm hand named Billy.

He looks up to them both.

The red pony book report

His father was a disciplinarian. Jody obeyed him in everything without questions of any kind. He took brush and currycomb from the wall, took down the barrier of the box stall and stepped cautiously in.

His actions portray anger, but not a whole lot of sympathy for the animals themselves as he still continues to irritate them by throwing rocks, etc.

John Steinbeck

This is something I experienced myself--even as a female--when I moved out to the country. Overall, this is a powerful little novel and worth a try. I wound up devouring this in one sitting when reading it for the second time.

My copy is fromnot very old, but still vintage.Jody gets angry and kills a buzzard in his sorrow.

The Red Pony by John Steinbeck

In the next chapter, it is midsummer and Jody becomes fascinated by the mountains. An old paisano man named Gitano comes to the ranch and says that he has come home to die in the place where he was born. The Red Pony by author John Steinbeck is a very notable book for young adults.

The central and recurring theme of the four stories told within this short novel is life and death.

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Steinbeck's short novel, The Red Pony, is a classic tale of a young boy's coming of age and his initiation into manhood. It consists of four short stories dealing with . The Red Pony is a dark and intense novel by John Steinbeck.

The theme of the book is learning from mistakes and finding that the outcome of an event won't always be what you want/5(). John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony is a sweet book about a ten-year old boy named Jody who lives with his family on a ranch near the Gabilan mountain range in northern California.

The book is novella length and has four chapters although each is a distinct story/5. The Red Pony is an episodic novella written by American writer John Steinbeck in The first three chapters were published in magazines from –, and the full book was published in by Covici stories in the book are tales of a boy named Jody Tiflin.

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