Write a mini saga about the lie movie

John Morgan class teacher UK: Perpetual Motion All mini sagas are copyright their respective authors.

Write a mini saga about the lie movie

Every week you could see the pages of the coursebook or workbook that have been explained in the classroom and the activities proposed as homework. You could also see some useful links of websites that will help you to improve your English language.

Feel free to ask anything you need. Write your final version and hand in to your teacher next Tuesday. Have a look at some interesting mini-sagas students from other years have written.

Today, I have to write a "minisaga". I was having a coffee near the school thinking about the story I had to write. The waitress saw me worried and she just told me: Unfortunately, there was a puddle on the road and a water curtain fell on her.

She entered her office and surprise! His travel agent was a funny, beautiful girl who suggested him to travel to Venecia. When he arrived at the hotel she was already there.

They spent together every day: It was very hot and both decided to have a bath. It was love at first sight.

write a mini saga about the lie movie

They went for a walk, had dinner, even slept together. Incredibly, the food was really delicious, but after taking the first course I got a strong red rash all over my body.

Luckily, the hospital was opposite the restaurant. Afterwards, I quickly went to buy two rackets and one ball.

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When I happily arrived home due to my "self-gift", my parents asked me about that. Can you guess their reactions?Dec 06,  · “The lie of the money” A sheikh enters an indebit hotel, gives euros and begins to see rooms.

While, an employee takes the money and pays the supplier, who then pays the prostitude, who pays the hotel room she had used before. Oct 09,  · The Story is told based in the writings of Edward Fox's character, an adventurer named Francis George Farewell.

Therefore, the more savage side of his nature is undubitably exaggerated/10(K). This has been a great classroom activity for us because it has given us a chance to be part of a creative writing experience; from writing your mini saga to the chance of seeing your work on screen.

Mini Sagas Part 1 May 28, - | English Connection A Mini Saga is a complete story, often with a twist in the tail which is composed of EXACTLY 50 words.

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A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words (no more, no less) It’s easy and fun to write mini-sagas because you don’t have to write long essays and the topics are varied. New English File – Mini sagas.

Grammar: Adverbs and adverbial phrases; Reading habits (page ), “Little Brother” Hometask. Do exercises d, e, 2a on page Write mini sagas with these titles. A holiday romance; The lie; Revenge is sweet; Never again; Your stories must be 50 words exactly and you must include some adverbs (2 or 3).

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